Catachresis Productions

Evocative storytelling. Captivating visuals. Unconventional perspectives.



A transgender ballet dancer reflects on her love of movement and the sense of self that she has cultivated through dance.


Streetlights of the Universe

Astronomers prepare to probe the mysteries of dark energy by assembling the largest ever 3D map of the universe.

Migrating with the Sandhill Cranes

Naturalists Erv Nichols and Sandra Noll discover love, adventure, and a new life while following the epic migration of the sandhill cranes, from the Southwest U.S. to north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

Transforming Agave

Kyle Bert finds serenity and self-acceptance while crafting unique didgeridoos out of agave flowers that he harvests in southern Arizona.


Catachresis Productions is a full service video and filmmaking enterprise based in Tucson, AZ. We offer everything from ground-up investigative story development to post-production, specializing in (but not limited to) evocative documentary profiles covering inspirational artists and pertinent social issues.



Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Founder of Catachresis Productions, Bryan Nelson is a filmmaker, writer, science journalist, and explorer based out of Tucson, AZ. His focus is on poignant, emotional, layered storytelling that always hints at something deeper.



Bryan Nelson is a writer and filmmaker based in Tucson, AZ.

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